Julien Fantin

Software developer,
iOS aficionado,
Clojure enthusiast.





I’ve been building iOS apps since 2009 for various clients and employers. I’ve taken responsibility in all stages of the application development process: from requirements-gathering and user-experience design, to programming and testing.

I spent the summer 2012 at HackerSchool in order to learn Clojure and functional programming. Yet as an outcome of working closely with smart, passionate hackers, I learned something even more important: the value of collaboration.

In the spirit of this experience, I’m now looking to work with and/or:

  • A passionate product team, who:
    is goal-oriented
    has an opinionated product-vision
    is supportive of the development effort

  • A small team of hackers, who:
    values elegant solutions but ship first
    is enthusiastic about collaboration

I’m currently freelancing while living in Berlin, Germany.

I’m available for work, get in touch!